About tesla


Tesla Energy’s mission is to get everyone connected to the wheel-work of nature, in accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy and a better domestic sanitation solution.

Tesla Energy World is a Ghanaian company founded in 2014 by a group of engineers emerged from KNUST and other Ghanaian institutions who wanted to prove that renewable energy could be better than gas and gasoline-powered generators, turbines and plants as well as biofil toilet and biogas to be better than septic manhole toilet systems and pit latrines.. With instant torque, incredible power, zero emissions and good sanitation, Tesla Energy’s products would be Solar Power Systems, Biofil Toilet Systems, Biogas Systems, radiant chargers and Eco-green and affordable housing(under technical research) without compromise. Each new generation would be increasingly affordable, helping the company work towards its mission: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy with better sanitation.

Tesla Energy’s engineers first designed a zero-point renaissance chargers for a solar and car battery developed around a US Patent #568,178, issued in September 1896 by Nikola Tesla solid-state charging methods which he called ‘‘My Method of Conversion’’ to produce these effects. This physicist, mechanical, electrical engineer and inventor inspired the company’s name and ideas.

In mid-2014, Tesla Energy CEO Anokye Adu Simms disclosed their radiant charger on both non-solid state and solid state configurations that further improve its charging performance. The radiant charger features a high efficiency in battery charging technology in all conditions. The charger has the capacity to rejuvenate and recondition dead batteries to be used again and elongates the life span of new batteries with superior and fast charging mode.

The company has a newly opened office in China and is preparing expanding its offices to Cote d’Ivoire and other African countries with their key strategic partners including Nanjing HQ Energy, Megawatt New Energy, Hubei GrandSolar, Shenzhen Sresky, Xiamen WorthySolar Technology, Nanjing Solark and Shenzhen Puxin Technology all Chinese base manufacturers and suppliers to help reduce the costs of solar power systems, biofil and biogas systems that will facilitate the production of a mass-market’s affordability plan. In doing so would help the company mass produce their researched based renaissance chargers and biofil plastic molds in China and to be assembled in Sunyani-Ghana.

Tesla Energy has a rich experience of evaluating, designing, constructing and installing solar PV systems, biofil toilet systems, chargers and biogas systems for homes,rural areas, municipalities and industries for their electrical power production and waste management respectively. Tesla is not just a renewable energy and a biotechnology provider, but also a technology and design company with an excellent team full of warmth, love and responsibility and hope to focus on energy sustainability and good sanitation in creating freshness and harmony with their talents and innovations.