Solar water pump

Solar Pumping System Structure

Solar pumping system mainly consists of PV modules, solar pumping inverter/controller and pumps.

Solar Module:Generate electricity

Solar pumping inverter/controller:Converter solar energy to support the pumps; control and run the pumping system by making full use the solar energy.

Pump:Raises water or other fluids

Other components

Mounting Bracket: Fix the solar panels

Junction box: combination of DC fuse, DC circuit-breaker and other components to protect the solar module

Outdoor Cabinet: IP54, waterproof for outdoor installation.

Principle of Operation

The PV modules supply electricity to inverter.

The inverter converts DC into AC to drive pump according to the intensity of sunshine.

Advantage of Solar Pumping System

  • 1: Auto-operation, labor free
  • 2: Suitable to all kinds of pumps, including three-phase AC pumps,single-phase AC pumps and DC pumps
  • 3: Wide range of input voltage, suitable to different PV modules Modular design, easy to maintain International advanced components, safe and reliable
  • 4: Solar and mains power hybrid, 24 hours operation Remote control and monitor Customized solutions

Introduction of Solar Pumping Inverter

MNE solar pumping inverter is specially designed for watering system. A high converting efficiency of 98% and advanced MPPT technology make the solar energy fully used. It converts DC power into AC to drive all kinds of motors. The intelligent design protects the pumps from many abnormal cases, such as over-loading, over-voltage, dry-running, over-heating,low frequency and etc.

Features of standard solar pumping inverter

Features of Integrated Solar Pumping Inverter

1: No need of extra junction box & reactor,reducing connection wires and easy to install.

2: No need to customize a protection case,directly for outdoor use.

3: Unique heat dissipation & fan channel design,increasing the service life of inverter.

4: Enclosed design,keeping off intentional actions.

5: Double insulation design,efficiently preventing from electrical shock.

Optional Function of Solar pumping inverter

Remote Monitoring and Controlling

1. SMS Mode: Utilize 2G/3G/4G SIM card to realize the remote monitoring and controlling of system working status, and two-way communication between users and system.

2. DTU Mode: Utilize internet accessed SIM card or WIFI to realize the remote monitoring and controlling of system working status. The job can be done through mobile phone or computer.

AC power supply controller for hybrid power

It switches to AC power for back up supply when the solar power is insufficient or at night. So the system can work for 24 hour. This AC power supply controller can be used in all the solar pumping systems.

1. Solar Powered Water Purification Introduction

Solar Power Generation and Control

To use solar power generation system to drive water purification

Water Purification

To use sand, carbon filter and RO reverse osmosis membrane to get rid of ions, bacteria, viruses, organic and colloid impurities from water, to obtain high quality pure water.

2. Solar Powered Water Purification Structure

Solar Power Generation and Controlling

  • Solar Panels
  • Mounting bracket
  • Junction box
  • Inverter (controller)

Water Purification System

  • Raw water pump
  • Quartz an filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Security filter
  • High pressure pump
  • RO system
  • UV sterilizer

3. Solar Powered Water Purification Flowchart

4. Solar Powered Water Purification Remarks on Flowchart

Quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter is the pre-processing part, doing initial filtration of raw water, removing suspended solids, particles, colloid, organic impurities, residual chlorine etc.

Raw water after primary filtration goes into the RO reverse osmosis system for deep desalting. RO reverse osmosis system can filter almost all organic matter and microorganisms, and desalination rate is up to 96% ~ 99%.

Finally, after UV disinfection, purified water generated by the system can be drinkable directly.

The main role of security filtering is to intercept the particulate matter in the front system, such as activated carbon, mainly to protect the role of reverse osmosis membrane RO.

5. Solar Powered Water Purification Diagram

6. Solar Powered Water Purification Features

  1. Solar power supply, suitable for where electricity is unavailable or short, or bill of electricity is high.
  2. No battery is required, cost-effective and low operating costs.
  3. Hybrid input, run at night or on rainy days.
  4. Switch between manual and automatic operation mode.
  5. Fully automatic operation, continuous water production.
  6. No regeneration process, no chemicals, easy operation and maintenance.
  7. The core component of RO system uses high quality Dow membrane.
  8. The protection function is complete, such as water level, overload, over-voltage, over-current protection etc.
  9. Online detection and real-time monitoring of water quality.
  10. Wide application, suitable for all kinds of water purification

7. Solar Powered Water Purification Usage Scenarios

  • Suitable for seawater, brackish water, tap water, lake water, river water and river water purification
  • Suitable for poor water quality from villages, farms and other residential areas.
  • Applicable to laboratories, offices, office buildings and other office space.
  • Applicable to schools, stations, parks, squares and other public places.
  • Applicable to restaurants, hotels, and other business premises.
  • Applicable to bottled water production system, purified water system factories and other water companies.

8. Solar Powered Water Purification Model

Water consumption calculated by 10 ~ 20L per person, the power of the system changes according to the water source changes. If the water source is a water well, and the water output is same, the longer the required head is, the more powerful the pump is, and the more power of system is required accordingly. Usually the power of solar needed is 2.5 times than the system power.

The hardware for each system varies depending on the height water is being pumped (head) and the output volume of water required.

To ensure the water purification system works efficiently it is recommended to configure solar power of 2.5 times that of water purification system power.

We can supply solar purification systems with daily water outputs of 1 – 25 tons. Larger customised systems are also available.

The following table shows models and parameters.

*Water consumption calculations are based on daily usage of 10 – 20L per person