Waste water treatment

PUXIN Integrated Membrane Sewage Disposal System is designed for a capacity of 5-1000 m³/d domestic sewage or other organic wastewater treatment. It is suitable for houses, hotels, apartments, resorts, holiday villages to treat sewage water, and for small food factories to treat waste water.


1. Sewage inlet pipe,  2.Hard plate fender, 3. Anaerobic tank, 4. Aerobic tank,

5.Green house,6. Electrical box, 7. Blower, 8.Treated water outlet pipe

The system is composed mainly of an anaerobic treatment system, an aerobic treatment and a green house. The anaerobic treatment system is composed of several anaerobic tanks; the aerobic treatment system is composed of several aerobic tanks and a blower.  The sewage is first treated by the anaerobic treatment system, and then is treated by the aerobic treatment system. During the anaerobic treatment process the biogas produced can be collected, purified and stored as a fuel for use. The treated water and the sludge can be used for gardening.

Main advantages:

1. High quality of the treated water: The treated water is colorless and without odor, can be used for gardening and toilet flushing.

2. Easy to install and maintain. It can be installed in several days and operates automatically.

3. No smell. Because all the gas (biogas) produced is collected and used as fuel.